Looking for a simple, easy to implement 
Work Health and Safety Manual?

Tired of spending hours trying to cobble something together yourself?

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    Workplace Safety can be confusing, and time consuming. 
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    You can spend hours and hours writing procedures and trying to put a safety manual together. 
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    Reading legislation can give you a headache, and still makes no sense! Is it even English?

Hi, I'm Kelly. I'm a Safety Nerd, Safety legislation is my 'thing' - I understand it, and I really enjoy helping small businesses become compliant in the simplest way possible!.

Are you sick of trying to write a safety manual for your business?

As a business owner, I understand the frustration of trying to do EVERY SINGLE JOB! Especially trying to put together something that you don't really understand, it's overwhelming and confusing.

In addition, your clients are probably asking for some kind of safety plan - so you need to get something together quickly, that is professional, compliant and easy to use. 

But no one wants to spend hours writing safety procedures! I bet you can't think of anything more boring, than trying to read legislation and write safety procedures to ensure you are covered, your clients are happy and your business is not at risk.  

Regardless of your industry, most businesses within Australia are covered by WHS Legislation, and as a result need to have some kind of Safety Management System in place. Do you know your obligations under legislation and which procedures you need to implement? And once you do, do you really want to write it? 

If you are a normal person (not a safety nerd like me) you probably cant stand writing policy

So, if your client has asked you to provide a safety management plan, if you are applying for a tender or you want to ensure you are compliant, you need to have a Safety Management System written which covers your business, is easy to use and doesn't take hours of your time or cost the Earth!.

It is vital to implement a good Safety Management System, which suits your organisation and is simple to use. 

There are a few different options to get a Safety Management System set up, which involve lots of hours of reading and writing, OR breaching copyright and copying someones policy off the internet (HINT: this is not a good idea!!)  So that really leaves you the option of DIY - which takes a LOT of time! 

How Much is your time worth?

You could spend HUNDREDS of hours reading legislation, writing procedures and eventually have a Safety Management System...

Imagine if you could simply download a Safety Manual, which complies with legislation and put your company name on it..... 

As a safety nerd, I have spent HUNDREDS of hours researching and writing Safety Management Plans for different industries.  

I thought, wouldn't it be great if multiple businesses could benefit from the HOURS of work I have already done - WITHOUT having to pay THOUSANDS of dollars! 

All of the content - at a fraction of the cost! 

I am so passionate about helping small and medium businesses get compliant documents that are affordable, and simple to use, so I developed a range of manuals which can be used for a large variety of businesses with simple modifications. 

After HUNDREDS of hours of work

Introducing the
Comprehensive WHS Management System

The Comprehensive WHS Management System is an all in one, Safety Management system which can be used in a variety of industries.  It is an affordable solution for all businesses who need a Safety Manual (that's pretty much everyone).  

When you purchase this WHS Management System you get the benefit of hundreds of hours work by a Qualified Safety Professional - the manual has been written to comply with legislation in Australia, regardless of which state you are in. 

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    Legislative Compliance: The manual is compliant with Legislation Australia wide - so you know you are covered! 
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    Simple to download and implementOur documents are in Word format, easy to download and edit - and not watermarked!           
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    Simple to use: The documentation has been written to be as simple as possible, while still covering legislative and company requirements.

What People Are Saying About OHS Compliance Solutions

We are thrilled with the work OHS Compliance Solutions has done for our business

“We are thrilled with the work OHS Compliance Solutions has done for our business – very thorough and quick turn around, super helpful and friendly service – we will definitely using your services again in the future!

Thanks a bunch."

Kylie Caban
Element Earthmoving

I highly recommend their services..."

“OHS Compliance Solutions provide professional service and a quality product at the right price. I highly recommend their services."

Karen Dickson
Sublime Masonry Constructions Pty Ltd


“Kelly WOW!!!

The procedure you have done up for us is way more then we were expecting!!!

Thank you so much!!"

Rowan hunter
ARN Cranes Pty Ltd

Comprehensive WHS Management System

The Comprehensive WHS Manual has a large range of standard inclusions and additional procedures as outlined below. 

Your manual includes ALL of the standard inclusions and additional procedures listed, you are able to modify the manual to suit your organisation by removing the additional procedures that are not relevant.

If you want us to do this for you, click HERE

Standard Inclusions

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    Introduction and Scope
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    Company Introduction
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    Legal and Other Requirements
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    Work Health and Safety Policy
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    Policies and Objectives
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    ​Roles and Responsibilities
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    ​Disciplinary Policy
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    ​Issue Resolution
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    ​Return to Work Policy
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    ​​Risk Identification, Assessment and Management
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    ​​Document and Data Control
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    ​​Hazard Identification and Reporting
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    Incident Reporting and Investigation
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    Consultation and Meetings
  • angle-right
    Workplace Inspection
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  • angle-right
  • angle-right
    Emergency Response
  • angle-right
    Workplace Harassment
  • angle-right
  • angle-right
    Manual Handling

Additional Procedures

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    Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • angle-right
    Smoking Policy
  • angle-right
    Fatigue Management Policy
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  • angle-right
    Sun Safety
  • angle-right
    Traffic Management
  • angle-right
    Plant and Equipment
  • angle-right
    Safe Driving
  • angle-right
    Chemical Management
  • angle-right
    Power Tools
  • angle-right
    Principle Contractor
  • angle-right
    Subcontractor Management
  • angle-right
    Site Safety
  • angle-right
    Working at Client Sites
  • angle-right
    Confined Space Entry
  • angle-right
    Electrical and High Voltage
  • angle-right
    Working Alone
  • angle-right
    Remote Works
  • angle-right
    Noise Control
  • angle-right
    Working at Heights
  • angle-right
    Ground Disturbance
  • angle-right
    Ladder Safety
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    Hot Work
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Kelly Patterson

Consultant & CEO

About OHS Compliance Solutions

OHS Compliance Solutions is an Australian Work Health and Safety company focused on providing high-quality Work Health and Safety solutions to Australian businesses at affordable prices.

A quality product and total customer satisfaction is our top priority – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

What do you get when you purchase today? 

  • Your Comprehensive WHS Manual, suited to legislation within Australia - Valued at $299
    Your Comprehensive Manual includes all Standard and Additional Inclusions.
  • Your Project Management Plan - Value $299
    Your Project Management Plan is a Site/Project Specific Plan which can be used for large projects. It includes templates, forms and all procedures necessary
  • Your HR Manual: Value $197
    Have Employees? With our HR Manual, you have access to additional Procedures such as:
    HR Policy, Disciplinary Policy, Dismissal Policy, Selection, Staff Development, Meetings, Warning, Leave, Privacy, IP / Confidentiality Procedures, Staff Vehicles Procedure and an Application for Employment Form and Application for Leave Form 
  • Your Environmental Policy: Valued at $47
    Clients and Tenders often require an Environmental Policy - Stand out from the crowd and show that Environmental impact is important to your business with a one page Environmental Policy.
  • Your Quality Policy: Valued at $47
    Clients and Tenders often require a Quality Policy - Stand out from the crowd and show that Quality is important to your business with a one page Quality Policy.
  • Your SWMS - Site Safety: Valued at $59 
  • An Implementation Guide to explain what to do once you download your Manual: Valued at $49


Yours today for just $497

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Our documents will work for you! 

I have over Ten years experience Auditing, and putting together Safety Management Systems across a huge variety of Industries. I have realised that most have a common, core, set of Policies and Procedures and specific Procedures for various work types.  As a result, it became apparent that an affordable model of a "Template" style manual would work for nearly all businesses in most industries. 

If you have a specialist operation (e.g. work as a mine operator, or other work outside a standard scope, I recommend getting in touch to discuss your specific needs).   

Not sure if your State legislation is covered?

Our WHS Manual has been written to comply with all Australian Work Health and Safety Legislation. 

A professional WHS Manual - for a fraction of the cost

Yes - we are offering an amazing product for a fraction of the cost of standard WHS Consulting.  Normally, I charge $97 an hour for consulting which can be prohibitive for many small businesses.   As I am so passionate about ensuring your compliance, and making the process simple, I want to offer this product to you at a low price.  I have invested hundreds of hours into this manual; making it worth thousands of dollars! 

Selling a template, enables the cost to be spread over many clients, and ensures your business can access professional documents without blowing the budget!

It also allows me to undertake my mission of helping businesses be safe, simply! 

Not sure how to implement a Safety Management System? 

No worries - I have you covered.  Included with the manual, I will send an Implementation Guide.  This guide is a comprehensive overview on "what next" when you receive your manual. 

In addition, I am more than happy for you to give me a call or email me with your questions! 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Frequently Asked Questions

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P.S.: We really want to ensure you are compliant with legislation to prevent your business getting fined from Work Health and Safety Regulators - remember our WHS Manual has been written to comply with legislation and for you to implement in a simple manner.

Don't get caught out without your Safety Documentation in place! 

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