Like 2020, this past year has been a year of tumultuous twists and turns.

The past two years have been filled with uncertainty and change for everyone, personally and in business. 

We can all but hope that 2022 is easier to handle, but since hope leaves things out of our control, all we can do at this point is be ready.

Obviously, we can’t prepare for the unknown, but we can do our very best to be sure to equip ourselves to tackle 2022. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve “gently encouraged” our readers to use the beginning of the year to review their policies for the new year (click here to read last year’s “gentle encouragement”!).

A lot can change for a business in 12 months, so it’s vital to spend some time reflecting on what worked and what didn’t in the year that’s ending. 

Here are some of the things we’ll be reflecting on, and we invite you to do the same. 

  1. Reviewing Policies

Our last blog covered policies and procedures and what they entail. 

And while we covered the subject extensively, we really only just touched on the importance of updating them and how often you should be reviewing them.

It can be easy to let them roll over from year to year, but it’s vital to review them at various intervals. 

Not doing so can create loopholes and gaps that might cause you and your business a lot of grief. 

We suggest you set some time aside at the beginning of every year to ensure your policies are relevant, compliant and have your business and staff’s best interests at heart. 

You should also review your policies as new legislation is released, changes happen within your business, or you take on new staff. 

It can be a daunting prospect to review and update your policies on your own, so we suggest consulting with your business partners, your management team, and business coaches or mentors, if you have them. 

You can also consider getting feedback from your staff or their supervisors to see what you can do to refine your policies. 

Consulting with other business owners in the industry might draw your attention to some compliance or continuity issues. 

That said, don’t rely on others to tell you about new/updated legislation. Always check with your local governing body to ensure you’re covered. Your state regulator is a great place to start (you can sign up for their free updates). Safe Work Australia also has a lot of resources available.

Having someone to bounce ideas off can help to clarify things for you when you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

Lastly, consider calling in a pro! Businesses like ours exist for a reason, and outsourcing your policies and compliance can take the weight off your shoulders (shameless plug, contact us for a chat!).

  1. Check Your Bits and Bobs

The beginning of the year is a great time to check your safety equipment, service your machinery, and restock all PPE and hygiene products. 

The old adage, “Start as you mean to go on”, is a great one to live by when it comes to setting yourself up for the beginning of the year. 

We also covered this in our January 2021 blog, so for a more detailed run-down on what to do, have a read here. 

  1. Do A Business and Personal Health Check

Yes, this is a business blog. But what is the business without you?

We don’t want to flog a dead horse here but the beginning of the year is really the ideal time to make sure that both you and your business are in good shape. 

Sure, you may or may not be climbing scaffolding (or maybe you are) either way, your business needs you in tip-top condition to run optimally. 

So, book that doctor’s appointment you’ve been putting off, use that gym membership you’ve been paying for the last three years, and take control of your own health. 

And while you’re at it, think about spending some time writing down your goals for 2022. Seeing your goals in writing keeps them at the forefront of your mind.  

Whether you’re planning on growing and/or scaling your business, searching out new contracts, and keeping things smooth sailing, having these thoughts set out in front of you can help keep things in perspective. 

No one can blame you if you’re feeling a little blue right now. The last two years have been extremely trying, so if you’re feeling despondent, write down what you accomplished in 2021. 

Even if your greatest accomplishment is that you just kept going in 2021, you should be proud of that, given the world’s current climate. 

  1. Prepare for Every Eventuality You Can Think Of

We don’t want to seem alarmist, but March 2020 threw us all for a loop. 

And while we wish we could say it’s starting to wind down, it seems more appropriate to say that we should all be preparing to continue to have to live and work differently from the way we worked pre- March 2020. 

The one good thing to come out of the world crisis is that we’ve all become a lot more adaptable. 

Many have learned to work from home; others have pivoted their businesses and either offered new services or found a way to do what they did before in a different way. 

Let us know in the comments what you’ll be preparing for! 

Zombie apocalypse? Alien invasion? Teleportation becoming the new way to travel? We want to know!

Most importantly, as we gear up for a new year, we will be focussing on having hope, resting up, and getting ready to take on 2022! 

Happy New Year!

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