Safe Work Method Statements

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What is an SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement)

The main goal of is to help identify and understand the requirements to carry out high-risk construction work safely.

How to use an SWMS

Safe Work Method Statement must be prepared before the work commences.
A generic Safe Work Method Statement may be used for work activities that are undertaken out on a regular basis. The content of this type of Safe Work Method Statement may be refined over many years and include consultation with workers and other contractors.
Before each new activity, the SWMS must be reviewed and revised to ensure it applies to the work and the actual workplace.

SWMS Template

We have a Free template available for instant download and modification (SWMS Template).  

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  • Risk Assessments for Vets, Gyms, Disability and Care services. 
  • Other workplaces as required. 
Our SWMS are customised to your business and include all steps, risks and controls and the relevant legislation for your state and operations.
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