SWP Forklift – Electric

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The Electric Forklift SWP Provides a step-by-step outline of safely undertaking forklift operations within your organisation.

It is easy to edit – Simply add your company information.

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The Electric Forklift covers the following:

e.g. Ensure all workers have been provided with information and support to perform the tasks safely and without incident. Training confirmed via the training record sheet.
Visual inspection & hazard reporting process is used to identify and control hazards

e.g. Always look out for pedestrians
Keep the tines as low as safely possible during travel

Ending Operations
E.g The forklift must be parked with the motor switched off, the key removed, and safely stored.

Potential Hazards
e.g Exposed moving parts

Please note the SWP is completely filled out, you only need to add your company details – the data is removed from the images.


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SWPSWP Forklift – Electric