SWMS – Roofing/Heights

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TheRoofing/Heights SWMS references all of the relevant legislation, codes of practice and Australian standards as required for all states within Australia.

It is easy to edit – Simply add your company information and remove the state legislation that does not apply.

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The Roofing/Heights SWMS references all of the relevant legislation, Codes of Practice, and Australian Standards for your state of operations. The SWMS outlines all of the job steps, risks, and controls.  It is in Microsoft word format and is fully editable. The SWMS will be available for download Instantly once purchased. The SWMS has been written in consultation with industry workers and WHS Qualified personnel to ensure a comprehensive document is in place. The SWMS covers the following job steps:

  1. Unaware of Hazards
  2. Site Induction and entry to the work area
  3. Prestart Meeting
  4. Secure the site and set up for the job
  5. Vehicle Collision
  6. Analyse the job.
  7. General things to check.
  8. Weather Conditions
  9. Electrical
  10. Chemicals Storage and Usage
  11. Deliveries to site
  12. Move equipment etc. to the work area
  13. Working at Heights
  14. Work at Heights -Analyse the job.
  15. General things to check.
  16. Penetrations not covered
  17. Use of EWP
  18. EWP Rescue Plan
  19. Travel restraint systems
  20. Fall Arrest Harness System
  21. Fall Arrest:
  22. Basic harness setup
  23. Fall Arrest:
  24. Rescue
  25. Ladders
  26. Ladders – Selection
  27. Ladders – Positioning
  28. Ladders – Use
  29. Trestle/ ladder and Plank use
  30. Roofing / Guttering
  31. Use of Power Tools
  32. Working near live electrical services
  33. Removing Roof or Other Material
  34. Accessing Roof Cavity
  35. Metal Sheeting (preparation)
  36. Use of nail gun to secure battens
  37. Cutting battens with power tools.
  38. Using long metal battens.
  39. Using long battens.
  40. Installing Sarking
  41. Cutting Roofing Sheets
  42. Lifting and storing sheets onto the roof (using a crane)
  43. Lifting and storing sheets onto the roof (Manual)
  44. Securing sheets
  45. Fitting roof accessories e.g. barge and ridge caps, guttering.
  46. Translucent sheeting
  47. Site clean-up and waste disposal

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ACT, All States, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA


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