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The Electrical Work SWMS references all of the relevant legislation, codes of practice and Australian standards as required for all states within Australia.

It is easy to edit – Simply add your company information and remove the state legislation that does not apply.

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The Electrical Work SWMS references all of the relevant legislation, Codes of Practice, and Australian Standards for your state of operations. The SWMS outlines all of the job steps, risks, and controls.  It is in Microsoft word format and is fully editable. The SWMS will be available for download Instantly once purchased. The SWMS has been written in consultation with industry workers and WHS Qualified personnel to ensure a comprehensive document is in place. The SWMS covers the following job steps:

  1. Unaware of Hazards
  2. Obtain Supply authority approvals
  3. Arrive at site
  4. Infectious Disease -COVID-19
  5. Conduct/confirm workplace risk assessment and secure area
  6. Load & transport equipment to the work area and unload
  7. Manual Tasks
  8. Safety observer training
  9. Identify ALL energy sources and confirm isolated where possible
  10. Disconnect and/or decommission services
  11. Secure the isolation point with lock and tag
  12. Working on or near Energised Electrical Installations or Services
  13. Concealed services
  14. Use of power tools
  15. Safe use of manual tools – saws, hammers, screwdrivers
  16. Hot work – electric or gas welding. Soldering/ Cutting
  17. Use of chemicals
  18. Use of ladders
  19. Accessing Roof Cavity
  20. Drill required fixings and holes
  21. Installation of conduits
  22. Installation of cable
  23. Drilling Asbestos
  24. Fixing Electrical Wires
  25. Switchboard installation, test and commission confirming phase rotation of all 3-phase equipment
  26. Bring cables into the switchboard and terminate them
  27. Fitting appliances & fixtures
  28. Test and Commission

The SWMS also has a section to cover fault finding and repair as follows:

  1. Locate fault
  2. Turn off outlet and withdraw plug
  3. Disconnect and/or decommission services
  4. Secure the isolation point with lock and tag
  5. Repair fault
  6. Make safe
  7. Energise switchboard
  8. Commissioning
  9. Monitoring during commissioning
  10. Completion of work/end of workday

If you are in QLD, the SWMS also has a section for Asbestos Switchboards –  (LDB), also known as asbestos insulating board, are now classified as a friable material in all circumstances. This means LDB can only legally be removed by a class A asbestos removal licence holder and there are strict controls required for the following:

  • repairing damaged LDB
  • painting LDB
  • drilling a hole in LDB
  • moving LDB ceiling tiles
  • installing or removing fixtures or fittings.

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ACT, All States, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA


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