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Subcontractor Management

You may be contracting in someone to perform a specialist task in your workplace — but that doesn’t mean you can contract out your safety obligations. The safety of the contractors who you employ (and their workers) must be managed the same way you would manage the...

Safety Alert for Bee Smokers

Background This Safety Alert for Bee Smokers has been issued as some battery-operated bee smokers have been imported from China by three separate beekeeping equipment retail businesses based in Queensland. Tests have confirmed asbestos was present in the insulating...

NSW – Operation Scaff Safe

SafeWork NSW commenced Operation Scaff Safe on Monday 1st April, which will entail SafeWork Inspectors visiting sites across NSW to ensure that businesses understand the safety requirements involved in creating a safe environment for workers using scaffolding and working from a height

OHS Compliance

OHS Compliance Australian workplaces are covered by (among others) work health and safety, electrical safety, and other legislation. To achieve OHS Compliance you need to ensure the safety of your workers and others affected by your work. You can show that you are...

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