Our WHS Manuals

If you need a simple, easy to implement Safety Manual, one of our OHS Manuals is just what you need. 


What is a WHS Manual?

Australian workplaces are covered by Work Health and Safety, Electrical Safety, and other legislation.

To achieve legislative compliance, you need to ensure the safety of your workers, and others, affected by your work.

You can show that you are compliant by having an effective Safety Management System.

In its simplest form, a Safety Management System is a set of linked policies and procedures for Work Health and Safety in your business.

A good safety management system can keep you and your workers safe and healthy, improve customer perception and may help you win tenders. It should suit your business needs and include information that you will use and understand.

All documents are provided in your company name, in Microsoft Word format.

Done for you manuals – we compile these manuals for you with your company name and logo, to your state legislation and email to you within 24 hours*. 

Instant Download manuals – confident with Word and don’t want to wait? You can download and customise yourself.