Safety Setup Package

Safety Setup

If you have a comprehensive business requiring a lot of risk assessments, SWMS or specialised documents our Full Safety Package is ideal. 

What is a Safety Setup?

Our Full Safety Setup is an all-inclusive package, tailored to suit your business.
The Process:
1.  We hold a phone or email consultation to discuss your business, what you do and your requirements.
2.  We then draw up a proposal, including pricing and a full outline of inclusions. If you are happy with the proposal and wish to proceed, we request any extra information as required. We then develop your documentation.
3.  We email all documents within the agreed time frame.
4.  Once you have reviewed the documents, we will have another consultation to cover “what next”.
The Setup includes the following:
  • Comprehensive WHS Manual, Including Quality Policy and Environmental Policy
  • WHS Project Management Plan [if required]
  • All required SWMS
  • All required SWPs
  • Induction Booklet
  • Obtain Safety Data Sheets required for chemicals used and/or stored, develop chemical register including risk assessments where required
All documents are in your company name, in Microsoft Word format.
If you would like to find out more, or get a quote for this full setup please get in touch below.

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