Safety Consulting

Safety Consulting Services

If you have a specific client request, a tender due or need specific documents written, we offer customised one on one consulting services. 


Virtual safety consulting

We start with a phone consultation to determine your needs, including a full discussion about your business and how we can integrate safety into your current workflow. 

We then design a safety management system specifically for the needs of your operations. 

Once you have had time to review the system, we make a time to go over the ‘what next’ so you can be guided through the implementation process. 

Feel confident with your Safety Management knowing you have support every step of the way. 

If you are looking for something you can DIY, check out our other options here


Other Services

Tenders & Client Requirements

Tender Documents

Tender documents often require specific WHS components to be addressed. 

We have extensive experience reading WHS requirements and development of specific documents addressing these, in addition to ensuring your legislative compliance . 

Client Assessments

Your client may have a process to assess your WHS documentation.  There are several third party agencies who facilitate this (e.g. CM3). 

We have helped many of our clients meet CM3 and other requirements, including assistance with answering the questions and upload of documents. 

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